At Musicmix we have a superb track record of collaborating with some of the most demanding and high profile companies and peronalities in music / entertainment to create chart topping, innovative and market leading TV compilations and playlists.

Since 2001 we have curated numerous best selling and No 1 albums for Ministry Of Sound (notably their 1m+ selling album ‘Anthems Electronic 80s’), Universal Music, Warner Music, Virgin Records, Sony Music, The BBC, Channel 4, Demon and PIAS. DJs we have worked with range from Pete Tong and Paul Oakenfold to Jarvis Cocker and Fred Deakin (Lemon Jelly).

Our experience brings an instinctive understanding of how brands can monetize the emotion of music . We work on bringing campaigns to life with many global big hitters including Superdry, Top Gear, Ciroc Vodka, Motown, BBC Radio 1Xtra, Cream and Gatecrasher.

We also source and license music for TV adverts, virals and digital campaigns including projects for Stolichnaya, HMV and Protein World.

Additionally we offer lifestyle playlists for bars and hotel spaces to create an engaging environment, encouraging customers to spend more linger time and ultimately drive extra sales.

If you think we can help you make music more of a compelling part of your business then please get in touch.